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Multi award winner RIC PORTER has been involved the UK Adult Production Business for many years working in the production of television programmes, DVDs, magazines, and website content.  Chances are that, if you've browsed Adult material, then you've probably come across something that Ric has been involved with.



Pre-Order Ric's New Book And Get A Very Special Deal.

Following the success of Ric Porter's memoir Welcome To Pornoland (Available on Amazon), Ric is now writing a follow up, which looks at how the adult industry has dealt with having to migrate to a digital age where, with the emergence of so called 'tube sites', porn fans now expect to get everything for free.


If you would like to keep up to date on thos new book, get an exclusive signed pre-release copy and many more special add-ons, Ric is now inviting pre-orders at a very special discount price. Read a Sample Chapter and find out more HERE.

Book Me For Work!

As a cameraman, producer or editor I am available for work. I have my own kit, and can travel, or can work as part of a crew. Message me HERE – my day rate is very reasonable.